Gift box,Sheepskin Rug, White, Extra large 121×100 cm

Gift box,Sheepskin Rug, White, Extra large 121×100 cm


  • Sheepskin is a true classic in interior decoration. They fit in with any kind of style which are finished with the room. Their timelessness and elegance, delight everyone, and the respective dressing skin makes her hair is thick, shiny and the very skin is dry, so very long retains its look.

    Sheepskins are only available in limited quantities and each sheepskin is unique.

    Size: 121-130cm x 95-100cm

    Make a present🌱

    Gift in the form of the original sheepskin, a great idea for any occasion, friends, family, children and adults.
    It is a good idea for a housewarming, birthday, as a wedding gift for the elderly, for those who have health problems (we recommend the skin healing relugan).

    To decorative skin as long as possible preserved their beautiful appearance and properties, not to adequately care. First and foremost, a decorative skin must from time to time properly ventilate and shake to prevent the settling dust, mites and odors.

    Sheep skin can be cleaned with a dry carpet cleaning agents and, if necessary, wet, careful but at the same time to get wet was just the hair, we can not allow itself to wet skin. Skin after such cleaning should be dried at ambient conditions.
    To skin had a nice fluffy and floating hair without tangles, you should comb it, best to do it with a brush for combing hair dogs. In this way the skin nurtured over the years will look beautiful and healthy. 

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