framed 61 x 51 cm Original Acrylic on 50 x 40 cm box canvas


This charming painting captures the endearing personality of a rabbit as it looks away from the viewer, perhaps lost in thought or caught in a moment of contemplation. The artist has used a soft, delicate touch to create the fur of the rabbit, which is rendered in a naturalistic palette of browns, greys, and whites. The rabbit is positioned against a vibrant, leafy green background, which suggests a lush and verdant landscape. The background also adds a sense of depth and contrast to the painting, making the rabbit stand out more prominently. The rabbit's gaze, though not directed towards the viewer, still manages to convey a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. The overall effect of this painting is one of serenity and gentle beauty, inviting the viewer to appreciate the simple pleasures of nature and the inherent charm of animals. This painting is a tribute to the timeless appeal of rabbits and their place in our collective imagination as symbols of purity, innocence, and playfulness

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