Sheepskin Rug-Medical Grade, Organic , Baby safe Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rug-Medical Grade, Organic , Baby safe Sheepskin Rug


  • Genuine medical sheepskin rug – natural soft wool – antibacterial – baby care – nursing 
  • Medical lambskin for cots , car seats , buggies , prams – ideal on floor or on couch for playing or crawling on
  • All lambskins are hand selected to be in compliance with the highest quality criteria – Only premium skins : A+++

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Only vegetable ingredients are used for their tanning, thanks to which the products are safe to use and do not cause allergies. 🌱🌱🌱

No chemicals are used during their processing, so the youngest can also use the articles. The products are characterized by a unique appearance and fluffy structure. They are very comfortable, which helps you relax after a hard day.
Their undoubted advantages also include healing properties. It is believed that they protect against the harmful effects of water veins, magnetic field and chemical compounds.

Natural sheep skins have been used for years to relieve rheumatic or joint pains. They are especially recommended for people suffering from spine diseases.

Sheepskin is a product of natural origin, therefore the product may slightly differ in color and shape from the one shown in the photo
The fur should be protected from direct sunlight, otherwise changes in color may occur
Sheepskins are a by-product of the meat industry and are environmentally friendly tanned
They meet the highest standards.
Take care of it properly and you will enjoy its beautiful appearance for many years.
Note: The hair falls during transport, so after receiving the package, shake the skin so that the hair rises again.

Use: Shake your rug once a week to remove dust and dirt. You can finish the care by combing the hair with a brush.

We recommend:
cleaning in specialized tanneries or in dry cleaners that clean products of this type (after each cleaning, the quality of the leather and hair deteriorates and will never look the same as new)
protecting the skin against moisture,
natural drying in case of possible getting wet.

We do not recommend:
washing in a washing machine or hand washing,
drying on a radiator, in a tumble dryer, directly in the sun,
using chemicals, bleaches, etc.,
keep open fire, e.g. fireplaces, close.

We do not accept returns and complaints of skins after an unsuccessful washing process or cleaned not in accordance with our recommendations.

Size:120cm x80 cm


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Dimensions 120 × 80 cm

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