Scorpio Zodiac Aromatherapy crystal candle with obsidian

Scorpio Zodiac Aromatherapy crystal candle with obsidian


Soywax essential oil candle jar 300g with black obsidian

Scorpio Zodiac Aromatherapy crystal candle with black obsidian €20♏


Lavender, Patchouli and Frankincense are oils that have a healing and harmonizing effect on Scorpios.🦂


Lavender is a perfect aroma for Scorpio season, being a herb dedicated to Hecate, the queen of the underworld who assists in transitory phases in life, and is the goddess of witches and sorcerers.🔮


Frankincense provides healing and purification for Scorpio.It is an ancient, spiritual plant, that can help Scorpio to release fears, and sever ties to the past that are blocking growth. Frankincense assists in rebirth and empowerment through facing buried issues🦂


Patchouli resonates with Scorpio’s personality.It is deep, sensual, and has a powerful effect on all those who catch its musky scent. It deters moths and even psychic vampires. It is a grounding, earthy resin, that brings you back you from the heavenly heights, right back into your body, making it a perfect oil for spaced out personalities that need some grounding.🔮


Obsidian. As a grounding stone, Scorpios can use this black stone to either get rid of negative energy or even just excess energy 🖤


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