Cacao cups 6oz 200ml

Cacao cups 6oz 200ml


Handmade, delicately thrown toasted terracotta cups. Each 200ml … perfect for the cacao ceremonies

Please chose which cup you are ordering - each cup is €20. Currently 1 of each cup is available.


***Note: ‘D’ cup is slightly larger 260ml than E and F cups at 200ml.


The glaze and size of cup:

D = is turquoise layered over a dark midnight blue, inside the sides are light turquoise. Size: 8cm diameter x 8cm hight Capacity: 260ml

E = is electric blue over dark midnight, inside has runs of electric blue down the sides. Size: 7,5cm diameter x 8cm hight Capacity: 200ml

F = is blue breaking over a darker midnight blue, inside the bowl has runs of the same colour glaze. Size: 7,5cm diameter x 8cm hight Capacity: 200ml


They nestle in your hands while enjoying your cacao or the aroma and flavour of your wine. Handmade, delicately thrown terracotta cups. These have multiple uses - perfect for herbal and matcha teas, wine or cacao..!


Made with terracotta clay and glazed in a gloss finish. Kiln fired to 1250C.


* Oven, dishwasher and microwave-safe. I recommend hand-washing handmade clay cups in general - I do put my ones in the dishwasher and microwave without any problems.

* All glazes are food safe (lead-free).

* As with all ceramic cook-dinnerware, please avoid subjecting the pieces to extreme thermal shock. Sudden transfer from hot to cold temperatures and vice versa can cause damage (cracking) to the piece.

* Since all my pieces are handmade, no two items are exactly alike but I do make sure the pictures show them as realistically as possible.


Note: Postage is calculated at checkout.


If you have any question please get in touch! I am happy to assist with any queries.


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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm

D, E, F


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